Bike, Hike and Yoga




Min and max height 

2000/3000 m.a.s.l.

Physical demand


Technical difficulty

Recharge your energy riding, hiking, meditating and practicing yoga among beautiful landscapes in Colombia

Join our 10 days BHY retreat and become a better version of yourself. Live 10 days practicing active  and passive meditation, learning new  growing tools, riding and hiking in stunning landscapes and living different realities. This experience is the perfect recipe fo your inner evolution.

This great adventure begins in Guasca, a magical valley in the north of the capital (Bogota) surrounded by green mountains and full of ancient traditions. In this first stage we will enjoy 3 days of fun activities and peaceful moments in nature. The objective of these first part of the journey is to make a self-examination of our habits and the barriers that are holding back our personal growth.

After cleaning our minds, we will move to Villa de Leyva, one of the most beautiful towns in Colombia. We will have 4 days learning and practicing different self growing tools, doing community work and diving into stunning landscapes. Finally we will end our journey in a place called Fuquene. At the shore of a beautiful lake were we will review our experience and project a better way of living for the future.


9 -18 Dic. /24

If there is a group of 10 or more people interested we can open new dates.

Day 1-Guasca

In the morning we will travel together with a Group shuttle to our first destination in Guasca (1 hour and 30 minutes). After you make it comfortable  we’ll go outside to do the Bike-setting. 

Then it’s time to make a first focus and let the magic of Colombia work for you. It’s yoga and meditation time,  we make a pure connection with our body. We’ll have an introduction so we’ll get to know each other better and be aware of the intentions and plans for the whole week.  

After having lunch together, we are going to hike and practice yoga in the beautiful nature of Colombia. The rest of the afternoon you are going to work on your personal growth. We are going Identify things that are blocking and helping you, setting goals. 

Free time in the late afternoon. We have dinner together and if you feel like it you can close the day with a yoga session that helps you deeply relax for a good night sleep. 

Day 2-Guasca

Early in the morning, with the sun on the horizon, you may take a small healthy snack and come to the daily yoga session. This session is about the process of becoming aware of the power of your body and taking care of it with attention. To get started with this theme right away, you will be given instructions for a shower ritual. 

Take you time and then we’ll have breakfast together. 

After breakfast you can clear your mind in our Biking session with an introduction to active meditation. 

In the afternoon we’ll have lunch together, finish the Nutrition Masterclass. Then you have free time. 

In the evening you are free to come to the yin yoga class. To end the day with a moment of reflection and then bringing the attention to the body and preparing for a good night sleep. 

Day 3 – Guasca

Take a healthy snack and join the yoga class & meditation session in the morning. Breathwork & stretching is today’s theme. Your breath is the most powerful tool. 

Time for Breakfast and after that we are going to hike  through the Valley of Guasca (introduction to active meditation in the hiking).   

After this hike you will have a Master-Class Breathing and stretching session. Then we are ready to go to Guatavita ( shuttle to Guatavita 15 minutes).  There we will do some  preparation for our community work. It’s time to go back to Guasca. 

In the evening you can join  the yoga session or take some time for yourself  and after that we all meet by the campfire.  This we’ll be the last night in Guasca.

Day 4-Villa de Leyva

Already more accustomed to the natural rhythm of Colombia, we start the day with yoga and a mediation session. Today’s themes are enjoyment, creativity and energy. This class with many exercises comes from the hips and abdomen.

We’ ll have breakfast and after that we’ll take the shuttle to Villa de Leyva.  We can stop for 15 minutes to relax and know a little about colombian history in Boyaca’s Bridge.

Lunchtime. After this lunch we are gonna explore the town by bike. You’ll have free time in the afternoon. 

In the evening you can join  the yoga session or take some time for yourself  and after that we all meet by the campfire.  Sleep well , in Villa de Leyva.

Day 5-Villa de Leyva

The day begins with a refreshing snack or tea, leading into an invigorating yoga and inner-child-focused session. A peaceful meditation follows, setting the tone for the day. After a hearty breakfast, we embark on an energizing hike amidst breathtaking landscapes. Lunch provides a break before connecting with the local community, particularly the school children. Free time allows for exploration and relaxation, and the day concludes with a master class on enjoying the present. An evening yoga session and serene meditation wrap up the day, providing a perfect end to our stay in the charming lodging of Villa de Leyva.

Day 6-Villa de Leyva

The day kicks off with a nourishing snack or tea, paving the way for a revitalizing yoga session and centering meditation. After a wholesome breakfast, we venture into an exhilarating biking adventure, guided by the beauty of nature. A guided meditation in the outdoors enhances our connection with the environment. A delightful picnic lunch in the mountains precedes a shuttle back to the hotel for relaxation. The afternoon features a meaningful community activity, fostering connections with local children. Later, a thought-provoking masterclass on sexuality unfolds. Free time allows for relaxation before an evening yoga session, followed by a tranquil meditation under the night sky and a cozy bonfire—a perfect end to a day filled with enriching experiences.

Day 7-Villa de Leyva

Kickstarting the day, we indulge in a nourishing snack or a comforting cup of tea, setting the stage for a revitalizing yoga session and tranquil meditation. A hearty breakfast follows, fueling us for the day ahead. The options unfold with either a lively dance class or an adventure park visit, adding an extra layer of excitement. After a satisfying lunch, free time offers a chance to unwind. The day wraps up with another rejuvenating yoga session and a calming meditation. As night falls, we switch gears to a lively disco time, creating the perfect blend of relaxation and entertainment.

Day 8 –Fuquene

Embarking on a day of wellness and adventure, we commence with a nourishing snack or a soothing cup of tea, paving the way for an invigorating yoga session and a moment of peaceful meditation. Following this, a satisfying breakfast prepares us for the day’s journey. A shuttle transports us to the picturesque Fuquene, where we indulge in a delightful hotel lunch. The afternoon unfolds with a rejuvenating hiking experience, allowing us to connect with nature’s beauty. Free time offers a chance for personal exploration and relaxation. As the day winds down, we gather for another round of yoga and a serene meditation session. The evening concludes with the warmth of a bonfire, creating a perfect ambiance for reflection and camaraderie.

Day 9 –Fuquene

Commencing the day on a healthy note, we kickstart with a wholesome snack or a calming cup of tea, followed by an uplifting yoga session and a serene meditation. A fulfilling breakfast prepares us for an adventurous biking experience amidst nature’s beauty. After a satisfying lunch, free time allows for personal relaxation or exploration. The day takes an insightful turn with a masterclass titled «REVIEW TOOLS TO OBTAIN ENERGY,» providing valuable knowledge and tools for personal growth. We wind down with another rejuvenating yoga session and a tranquil meditation, ensuring a perfect balance of activity and mindfulness throughout the day. 

Day 10 – Back home

The journey concludes with a satisfying breakfast, and as a group, we make our way to the El Dorado airport for transportation. This marks the end of our service, leaving us with cherished memories and experiences from our time together. Safe travels and farewell until our paths may cross again.

This retreat includes:

  • Accommodation for 9 nights in hotels and lodgings of the region, in double or triple rooms.
  • Breakfast from day 2 to day 10
  • One of the two daily meals either lunch or dinner
  • Bilingual local guides 24/7
  • Support vehicles during the rides with fruits and water 
  • Master-clasess described in the itinerary
  • Yoga sessions in the morning and in the evening
  • Guided meditation sessions described in the itinerary
  • First aid and basic mechanical support during the rides
  • Guided hiking sessions
  • Grupal transfer from Bogota to Guasca, from Guasca to Villa de Leyva, from Villa de Leyva to Fuquene and from Fuquene to Bogota

Optional services

– Single room: US $40 additional dollar per night
– Sport massage: Consult.

Bike Rent

Not included services

– Air tickets

– Alcoholic drinks or additional drinks

– Bike rent.


*1600 euros*

Payment Methods

In order to make the reservation of your Retreat you should pay 300 Euros to —– with the following methods:—–.   The rest of the price must be paid the first day of the tour in Colombia in Euros. It is possible to pay with credit card assuming the taxes, commissions and exchange rates defined by the banks

Cancellation Policy

Once the reservation is made, the money is not refunded in case of cancellation. This reservation can be used on another available date.


For more info, please write us to : contact@nomadsbiketours.com o whatsapp +57 3125771734


We recommend bringing

  • Windbreaker jacket.
  • Interior shirt.
  • Winter T-shirt.
  • Long pants for pedaling.
  • Shorts for mountain biking.
  • Mountain biking t-shirts
  • Hat or neck/head bandana.
  • Large towel and a small one.
  • Pairs of long socks.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Sport Glasses
  • Documentation necessary for entry to another country.
  • Passport or corresponding national documents.
  • If you rent a Bike and you want to pedal with clips please bring them and your clip shoes. All aour rental bikes has flat pedals.
  • Other personal accessories can be attached to the bike.
  • For those who want to bring their own bike, it is recommended to bring spare parts and use a hard case.
  • If the cyclist uses carbohydrates, BCAAs or another supplement they must bring for personal use. (Due to restrictions of the Ministry of Agriculture, the entry of natural products such as dried fruits, chestnuts or honey is not allowed).
  • For your own safety we recommend purchasing travel insurance such as: April -Universal -Assist Card -Europ Assistance -Travel Ace -Travel Nomad.
  • Please inform special dietary needs or medical needs (diabetes, cardiovascular problems, etc.) upon arrival.