Nomads bike tours project was born from two friends sharing a common dream, where mountain biking becomes the perfect instrument to make it come alive, set off in search always of new paths and adventures.

Both of us with a strong afection for extreme xports with over 20 years experience in  rock climbing and cycling in places like Australia, Asia and Europe traveling and living out from our birth country sharing different cultures, we have come to realize that a country’s true value is in it’s nature’s diversity, people and culture, not in it’s oil, gold or a stock exchange position.

This is the reason why we have changed our traditional lifestyles, transforming a personal passion into an alternative tourism experience.

Our tours are for all levels of cyclists and for all types of cycling – be it casual, mountain or road biking. What has remained consistent through this time is our passion for cycling and creating ideal getaways for those that love being active, discovering cultures, fabulous food and the camaraderie that results from traveling with interesting people.

Someone said,  “the greatest illusion of this world is the illusion of separation”, don’t let frontiers limit your mind…  


                                                                                                                             BE A NOMAD.