One day trips

The routes in this locations can be done in one day departing in car from Bogota city in the morning. Each destination has different routes with different levels. For one day trips it is important to book your plan with at least 24 hours in advance.



Guatavita is a municipality and town of Colombia in the Guavio Province of the Cundinamarca department. The sacred and ceremonial Lake Guatavita, of the Pre-Columbian Muiscas people, is located nearby within the Sesquilé Municipality. All the area is a sacred place for Muisca culture and the legend of «El Dorado» is best known. Beautiful landscapes full of history and kind people. Ride in Guatavita’s new town and it’s mountains, taste typical dishes and enjoy a different tourism day.



It’s just one hour from Bogota. Chingaza consists of a delicate, fragile paramo environment. In fact, most of Bogota’s drinking water comes from this place. Many people don’t even know this beautiful reserve.  We can ride through the paramo to the entrance of the park and take a walk inside. The Park is full of wildlife. Deers, condors and eagles are commonly spotted, those luckier might see the rare bear or a puma. With over 180 species of birds having been recorded in Chingaza, this is one of Colombia’s most popular birdwatching destination.



Suesca is a small town on the outskirts of Bogota that’s famed for rock climbing and mtb trails. Just 45 minutes away from Colombia’s capital, it’s a charming mountain town surrounded by beautiful, craggy landscape. There are several mtb routes for different levels of riders. In this destination we can include a climbing activity after or before the ride.



50 km from Bogotá city we will find a beautiful valley  surrounded by andean mountains. In this place we can find easy routes for beginners and other fun routes that will take us to Chingaza Natural reserve. A huge portion of land at 3 or 4 thousand m.a.s.l. full of water and amazing landscapes. There is a well known climb called «La Cuhilla», 12 km of ascent through green views. Before the Spanish conquest of the Muisca of the central highlands of the Colombian Andes, the Altiplano Cundiboyacense, the area was inhabited by the Muisca who spoke Chibcha. Guasca was ruled by a cacique who was loyal to the cacique of Guatavita.

2 or 3 days trip

The routes in this location require booking with at least 1 week in advance.

Villa de Leyva

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One of the most attractive region in Colombia, Villa de Leyva, could be one of the best places to practice cross-country in the region. It´s beautiful architecture and the amazing landscapes hide a unique experience for each visitor. The MTB routes can include alternative activities like wine tasting in a peaceful vineyard,  night rides in the desert, guided visits to the town, BBQ afternoons, or specific tours in specific places like The Fossil museum, Ecce Homo convent, the original 1900’s Park, among others. It is also possible to rent a house close to the town for groups from 5 to 10 people.