Riding level

There is a minimum level of skills required for our riders. You should know the basic principles of riding a bicycle to participate in our tours.
Each of our routes has been categorized according to their level of difficulty. We want you to have the best experience, so it becomes essential for us that the difficulty of the route suits your skills and physical performance. Before choosing your journey please note the following categories:


Level 1.
  • You have some experience riding a bike.
  • Cycling on flat ground for an hour or so is more than enough for you and you prefer to walk any small climbs
  • You perform some kind of exercise during the week.


Level 2. 
  • You occasionally bike on canal paths, forest roads and other double track
  • You’re aspiring to ride some singletrack during your adventure.
  • You can tackle one or two reasonable climbs
  • You can ride 25 km average per day  at a moderate pace, with snack and photo stops.
  • You tend to get off and walk technical sections


Level 3. 
  • You have been mountain biking regularly for at least one year
  • You have reasonable bike handling skills, and are confident riding non-technical tracks.
  • You can ride  40 km average per day  at a moderate pace, with snack and photo stops.
  • You’re hooked on riding off-road and wide dirt trails, but still lack the skills and confidence to consistently ride terrain with roots, rocks, tight corners, tight trees and steeps.


Level 4.
  • You are generally comfortable riding most types of terrain in different conditions: singletrack, double track, muddy, dry, loose…
  • You have good bike handling skills and can brake, use your gears and corner confidently
  • You have a good level of fitness, exercising three or four times every week throughout the year, for up to an hour at a time
  • You can ride  55 km average per day , with snack and photo stops.
  • You’ll have a go on smaller technical features, such as roots, rock gardens and small drops, but may get off and walk sections


Level 5.
  • You are very confident handling most types of riding and obstacles, including small to medium drops, rocks, logs etc.
  • You have excellent bike handling skills and can lift front and rear wheels, do small jumps, corner, climb and descend well
  • You can tackle two or three fairly serious climbs a day.
  • You are comfortable mountain biking 65+ km average per day, with snack and photo stops
  • You take every opportunity you can to get out on your bike, in all weathers, and you’re happy to ride all day long.