The Pyramid

Saturday 30 of January, 2016

limited Bookings

Dificulty: Level 2



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30 km of unforgettable landscapes between Guatavita and Guasca. A route for people who are starting to enjoy the mountain biking and are willing to ride for 4 hours at soft pace with their respective breaks.

Meeting time: 9:00 am

Meeting point: Brio petrol station, Guatavita, Cundinamarca.



To participate in the route you must follow two steps:

1. Complete booking before Thursday, January 28 at 11:00 am.

2 Send us a copy of paymentslip before Thursday, January 28 at 7:00 pm.

Since the quotas for the exit are limited. Only participants who have reserved previously, before the deadline and sent the payment receipt before the deadline will be accepted.


From 9:00-9:30 am we will deliver insurances, we will check bikes, then we will make a brief introduction to the route along with a few warm-up exercises.

About 9:30 am. The route starts with a rise of 3.7 km with a panorama in the background overlooking the lagoon of Tomine. The road is paved but secondary. After those first few kilometres we enter of Guatavita East towards the village of San Roque un-paved road alternating with small descents and ascents. Then we will go to the South to enjoy a quite picturesque descent which will take us to surround the Hill House and end up facing the Tominé reservoir. We will resume a couple of kilometres along the main to return to the town of Guatavita.

During the trip we will make some rest stops where we will take photos or eat a snack.

Technical Info.

Route Information

Altitude: Aprox/average 2780 mts above sea level.

Distance from Bogota: 50 K, north east.

Climate/temperature12º C Average.  Easy to strong wind, precipitations are expected trough some hours of the day. You can check the actual weather here.

Length: 30,25 kM

Duration: 2-4 hours

Sweeper car: Available only on specific parts of the trail and/or with exetreme necesity at an average distance of recovery area 20k /20 mins. aprox.  responce time depending on topography and climate of the area, radio support at all times.

Recommendations before the route and during the ride
  • Do not drink alcohol, it can cause an accident and respiratory and / or digestive complications.
  • If you smoke try to avoid it.
  • Get plenty of sleep the night before the trip.
  • Whenever possible, avoid a diet high in fat and red meat the day before.
  • Always carry with you identification documents and insurance info.
  • Helmet is a must.
  • Use sneakers with good grip.
  • Wear comfortable and light trousers.
  • The best are the lycras, it can be a drill, a sweatshirt or bermuda (though it does not protects from vegetation) avoid wearing jeans.
  • Wear long-sleeved shirt.
  • Take a second change of clothes (protected in a plastic bag).
  • Wear a hat or cap, sunscreen, sunglasses and waterproof jacket
  • In case it rains (The chance of rainfall in the High lands is quite high).
  • Take whistle to alert when an occasion demands.
  • Bring snacks; peanuts with raisins, granola bars. It is the most recommended for the road, also take panelitas, snacks, etc.
  • It Could come in handy to bring some fruit. For lunch you could eat a tuna sandwich, chicken or ham.
  • For hydration you should bring 1 to 2 small packs of sports drink and a water bottle or plastic bottle with water.
  • Wear appropriate clothing for extreme sports. Do not wear tight clothing that could rest mobility or that can shrink with water.
  • Always follow safety protocols that the guides and instructors give you.
  • If you have any special health condition, ask the instructors and guides if you can perform the activity without risk.

Bilingual guides.

History reviews.

Mechanical assistance.

Health insurance (Colasistencia).

Local Police surveillance.

Radio support.

First aid assistance.

Sweeper car (depending on weather conditions and terrain).

Healthy snack (Gourmet wrap -beef, chicken or vegetarian- , fruits and Guava snack).

Hydration (power drinks).

Professional photographer.


Not included



Rental bike

Bicycle rental service includes bike transportation to the meeting point, helmet and knee pads (optional).(* Bike style cross country, with hydraulic brakes, front suspension, Shimano, marcos GW, Benotto group or Venzo, Rhine 27.5, size 18 and 19).




It is likely you may need to pay around 2000 pesos a person who cares for the carss.



Entrance to the Park

Meeting Point